Thursday, October 14, 2010

TelBru Outward Bound Adventure

Here we have the "SEMAUN TEAM". A group of chosen TelBru staff (including myself) to do a 3 Day challenging teambuidling course. We had team games, quizzes, orienteering, jungle safety, first-aid, hikes, camping skills and of white water rafting. It was hard, testing, wet and muddy but if there is a chance to go again ..... definitely!

Many thanks to the organizers, instructors, medics, expert boat men and everyone who made it all possible and safe.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Brunei Nature Society - Sunday Outing

Doctor Charles and Me in an Observatory Hut in Seria Wetlands
Its been awhile since I have not been in the woods. Used to stay in Temburong Jungle for many weeks helping researchers. Last weekend I decided to participate in Wild Life Observation on Seria Wetlands. Highlights were mostly migratory birds but we were lucky enough to catch pictures of ferociuos salt-water crocodiles and colorful magrove crabs.
The excursion was led by Doctor Joe K. Charles of UBD and the group consisted of freelance naturalist, UBD students and faculty members and Brunei Shell Nature Society. The participation was encouraging and hope to develope more activities.

Catch more such happenings in UBD Faculty of Science website,

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Meet the People from Sarawak Rainforest Music Festival

Max, Ron and a dude who seldom smiles, but they all are my new friends now

It was lazy Sunday when me and my buddy Zul, a fellow photographer was out to the ever-jammed Mall in Gadong, when we discovered a colorful performance by people from Sarawak. A Sape musician played a mesmerizing music quickly caught everyone's attention and flocked to the scene. A guy named Jerry Kamit, apparently a world-renowned traditional Sape musician, showed what a Sape can do. The Sape is a traditional musical instrument, that has been used hundreds of years, by tribes of Borneo.
Jerry Kamit the famous Sarawak Sape Hero

With him, was the colorful and friendly traditional dancers. They all performed a musical play for stories and folklores with graceful moves, that are passed down from generations. After some time we made friends and now are in touch via emails and hope that we could go down to Kuching in July to catch the most anticipated event in Sarawak, the Sarawak Rainforest Music Festival 2008.

Hope I get my leave!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Kemuda Institute Fun Saturday Afternoon Flying Fox, Climbing and Abseiling Tryouts

It was just a spontaneous idea to do something different for Kemuda Institute students and teachers for a Saturday sport activity. The activity was organised by Kemuda Institute teachers and student leaders. I was merely a facilitator and my venture scouts are the safety and technical support.

A suprise visit by YM Dato Razak himself, who is the owner of Kemuda Institute and also a reputed figure in contributing for youth development for many years. YM Dato also had a go at the flying fox and likes to see young Bruneians learning new things and having fun.

The activities went on till late and we had to stop because some of the instructors are tired and it drew a large crowd. One casual jogger, who is also a visitor from another country, had a go on the flying fox and we all made friends.

Special Thanks to Dato Razak, Kemuda Dedicated Staff, SOAS Air Scout Ventures and All Who Made it All Possible

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Been busy....

Trying to juggle studies and adventure and other fun stuff is hardwork. By the time you know it... 2008 is just around the corner. Well, another year, another journey in life. No plans, no resolutions .... just see what we can have fun with. Hehe.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Navy Ship Ride during First Brunei Darussalam Rover Moot 2007

Being a Scout Master has many privilages. One of which is to join in Jamborees and Scout Moots. A Scout Moot is a jamboree for adult scouts or "Rovers". Rovers from many countries join in to do community services, visitss and youth forums. Anyway, this year thanks to the Royal Brunei Navy, we get to hitch a ride in one of their navy ships to go to Temburong. It was a cruise we never forget.
The cruise took 5 hours but it was full of singing all the way.
Rovers Scouts from Malaysia

My Venture Scouts with a real warship in the background

"So this how you really read maps"

RBN has a great job. This is really cool!